Dickies Men’s Water Resistant Diamond Quilted Nylon Jacket

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Last updated on February 26, 2022 9:20 am


  • Self: 100% Nylon; Lining: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Comfortable and warm gray jersey lining
  • Rib knit collar, cuffs and back waist
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Zipper front
  • Water resistance and repellence

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

23.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches, 1.19 Pounds

Item model number

61242BK M



Date First Available

June 12, 2006


Dickies Men's Sportswear

10 reviews for Dickies Men’s Water Resistant Diamond Quilted Nylon Jacket

  1. Goober

    This is an ok jacket for the price. I am 5′ 10″ and 160 pounds. After reading that the jacket ran big I decided to try the medium, and it was acceptable. I’m not really a slim fit or baggy type person. The chest and body had a comfortable relaxed fit.The bottom of the jacket came to the top of my belt line, which is an inch or two above where my other jackets are. The sleeves are foolishly baggy. I guess that is a traditional bomber jacket style though. It has a high waste with baggy arms. I read a persons review that said they didn’t like the lining material but I thought I would take a chance. I would have to agree with the review. It feels like flimsy t-shirt material, which some people might like. To me, lining it with cheap t-shirt material kind of defeats the purpose of having a durable water repellent shell. I was expecting something like a rough flannel material, not stretchy and spongy cotton. I will admit I am being very picky and hyper critical here. However, I feel like there are too many companies making some very high quality products at an affordable price. Personally I can’t stand the idea of being forced to sweat into a soggy cotton liner that needs to be washed out on a regular basis to get out the funk. My favorite part of my other nylon jackets is that I don’t have to wash them unless something crazy happens to them. So, good job dickies for almost making a solid jacket at a fair price.

  2. Anthony

    I have two of these jackets, a solid black one and a camo one. For a not big and heavy jacket, they are very warm in the colder days in SC. What I really like about these is those two front pockets. Since I do a lot of nature photography, and can put my wallet & 1.4x tele-converter lens on the left and my phone in the right one with room to spare. The pockets are fairly deep and wide, so more stuff fits without undue bulging or looking weird. For the price, these are good jackets. The jackets are form fitting at the wrists, too, so cold air won’t get in there.

    What I don’t like this that stupid red “Dickies” tag sewn into the left pocket (I am not your walking billboard, argh!). Also, I wish the jacket was a little more form fitting at the waist. But you can’t get everything for just $40. I can’t speak to how these hold up long term as a just discovered them in December 2019.

  3. Martin

    From the moment I put the jacket on, I knew it was going to be thick and warm. Absolutely 0 complaints, except maybe that the sleeves could be too big for some (good thing for me since I have some wiggle room to move, for driving, etc.). Highly suggest to buy a size larger than your regular size since you will most likely have a couple of layers underneath it (165lbs male, 5’10 ; I also have a dickies quilted vest in size M which is my to-go size for snug/professional fit). If you are reading, just buy it already, especially if you live in Canada like myself.

  4. Gregory K.

    A great lightweight jacket that keeps you comfortable on cold days. With just a shirt under it I felt ok walking from parking lot in 20 degrees (10 deg wind chill).
    6′, 190lbs – bought a Large. A Medium may have been snug. There is room for a sweater under it for the colder days. Sleeves end 1″ past wrists, so with gloves, you leave no exposed skin. Very comfortable to wear while driving, as it is just below waist. Inside pockets would have rated 5 stars. Front pockets a nice and large. Great jacket for working outside, arms move with no restrictions. Waiting to see how it holds up to light rain. Would buy one again.

  5. Richard b

    Hard wearing and warm.

  6. fxvonthron

    A warm and comfortable coat at a great price; I wear it doing exterior carpentry at temperatures in the 40s. I’m XXL and wear it over a sweatshirt or similar. The fit at the shoulders, chest and waist is perfect. The sleeve length is just right too. All that stated, I sure wouldn’t at all mind if it were an inch or two longer in the body. Still, it’s a good fit.

    If Dickies were to manufacture this coat with an inside/secure pocket for a wallet/phone/keys, I’d be happy to pay some dollars more. As it is, the exterior pockets are good for hand warming and not much more.

    Finally, I’m not sure if this is a comment for Dickies or Amazon or both: the coat arrived in a plastic bag that was enclosed in another plastic bag. Aww c’mon, really? How about a coat wrapped in paper inside a plastic bag? Or a coat in nothing inside a whatever?

  7. Anthony

    Pretty nice jacket. Nothing exciting I use this at work mostly on a rainy day when I need a beater.

  8. Amazon Customer

    If you are looking for a light and simple coat that is surprisingly warm, than look no further. Tested in the range of 0’C to -15’C over the past 2 weeks. This coat is super simple with two large outside pockets. The outer shell is certainly wet snow proof. It looks good on (wife approved). The one issue which is only relevant when purchasing on-line is that coat is made a tad larger than you might expect. I got an XL as that seams to be what I take in most brands, but here its a “REAL” XL so it feel a tad large. That said, I am very happy with this coat.

  9. Jennifer Long

    I was really excited to give this to my husband for Christmas… He works outside all year round… So he’s burning up in the summer and freezing in the winter… So I try to find anything that might help him be semi comfortable in the elements… I actually did a little research on “the best extreme cold weather work wear”… And this jacket made two different non sponsered best lists… It made #1, NUMERO UNO, TOP SPOT on Popular Mechanics “best list” beat them all…. I believe they even used the term “hands down” the best in terms of warmth durability and price… So I went looking for it.. the exact jacket… I checked Amazon and saw this ridiculously low price and thought no friggen way! This can’t be the same jacket… Went back to the article then back to Amazon.. To the article back to Amazon… I’ll be damned… It WAS the same jacket… For UNDER $40!! it was a done deal and it was prime so two day free shipping!! It was a few days before Christmas 2017 and it got here with time to spare! Christmas came and HE LOVED IT… ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT… He was surprised about it being number one on any list… He couldn’t believe it beat out Carhartt and timberland knowing the price difference but he still loved it…he wore it the first day back with the Dickies bibs I got him… It was a really cold one… below 30 degrees… When he came home I of course had to ask… He was surprised and happy to tell me the coat was awesome… He even had to take it off a couple times because it got a little too hot… (He bundles up under the coat too​… Like 3 shirts and a sweat shirt) but I was so happy I picked a winner… He was happy too… Lol so fast forward about 3 and a half weeks… And he asks me… So how does Amazon work… How do you know if you’re getting the real stuff…. Like what if the stuff is a knock off… I’m like NOOOOO…. This isn’t Ebay… If they say the brand name it is what they say… Especially if it says fulfilled by Amazon… Or it’s under prime… He wanted to know if I was sure…. Feeling a little offended i wanted to know why he was asking…what did he think i was ripped off on… He then showed me his new coat… And WTF! the seams were coming apart! The zipper had all but detached!!! So I’m freaking out because I’ve been breaking my arm patting myself on the back for getting him something that was a total winner and getting a great deal… He really hard to buy for… And he’s the kinda guy who never wants any thing or will purposely go without because he doesn’t want to attend money on himself… So all year I pay attention to little things he says it complains about so birthdays and Christmas I can give him something he really wants or needs but would never ask for… So when I get him a winner I’m all walking around like…”damn I’m a good wife” lol …so anyway huge HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! I did contact Amazon and they said if I sent it back they would refund it…. But honestly he didn’t want to return it even though it was completely sub par quality… He felt that the zipper hanging on to a really warm and comfortable work coat was better than freezing his butt off without it… Said nah don’t send it back we can just sew it… But honestly the disappointment is beyond words for me… It was NUMBER FRIGGEN ONE on popular mechanics extreme work wear list!! He was so happy to have a good warn work jacket and I was even happier that I knew he was warm… But now I’m almost questioning the knock off thing… This is not typical Dickies quality… This isn’t even dollar general quality… And yeah I could’ve been refunded if I sent it back but who feels like doing all that packaging it up heading down to ups… Then waiting it out… Just taking this one as a loss…. ?

  10. Claude Taillefer

    Jacket as described received in perfect condition. Fast and free delivery. The hanger included in the box was broken though. I am 5’10”, 165lbs, have an athletic built and a flat stomach. I bought a size large because I wanted to put on a thick sweater wool underneath it. I also wanted to used the jacket as a liner with an unlined leather Pea Coat. It’s perhaps a tad oversized, especially around the waist. But I feared the medium would have been to small. The medium size jacket would probably be perfect to wear with just a t-shirt or a shirt. Hence, I’m thinking of buying a medium possibly in another color (blue or brown), but Dickies’ jackets are scarce at the moment.

    Veste telle que décrite reçue en parfaite condition. Livraison rapide et gratuite. Cependant, le cintre était brisé. Je suis 5’10”, 165lbs, avec une morphologie athlétique et un ventre plat . J’ai acheté une veste dans une taille large parce que je voulais la porter avec un chandail de laine épais de style militaire. L’idée était de l’utiliser comme doublure avec un caban en cuir sans doublure. La veste Dickies est probablement un peu trop grande, surtout autour de la taille. Mais je craignais que la taille moyenne soit trop petite. La veste en taille moyenne serait sans doute parfaite pour porter avec un t-shirt ou une chemise. Aussi, je pense acheter un medium éventuellement dans une autre couleur (bleu ou brun), mais les vestes Dickies se font rares présentement.

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