KEEN Men’s Brixen Low Waterproof Insulated Shoe

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  • 100% Leather
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.25″
  • Waterproof slip-on featuring 200g KEEN.Warm insulation, wool felt lining, and thermal heat shield footbed
  • Shellback heel support

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches, 1.5 Pounds

Item model number




Date First Available

July 29, 2011


Keen Adults – US SHOES

6 reviews for KEEN Men’s Brixen Low Waterproof Insulated Shoe

  1. JJKO

    These are comically large. I was looking for something to replace my North Face slip on winter shoes, and these are not them. I would say that these fit true to size in length, but the width is absurd, and the height by the ankle is far too much. It would cause severe rubbing on my ankle. Unless you generally wear a wide shoe, don’t even bother. Anything close to a medium/normal width and this will be far too wide.

  2. Vicky B

    I didn’t want to give these shoes a bad review, because I bought the same shoes before and my husband loved them, but the right shoe looks like someone walked all over in it. The left shoe looked okay, but the right shoe was scuffed up, there were creases in it and as you can see, the right shoe looks stretched out and the elastic is stretched. This is right out of the box. I bought a pair of shoes for myself not too long ago that looked worn. I don’t know what’s going on With Amazon, but it seems that their quality is going down. I love Amazon, so I hope they can fix the problems. I will leave it up to my husband, when he sees them, whether he wants to keep them, but my bet is, they are going back. I will update if my husband decides to get another pair.

  3. Zrider

    I got these a little over a year ago to use on the farm. I hoped they would hold up to my abuse, and for the most part they have. The soles are great! Almost no wear, though I’m no on pavement much. They actually keep my feet dry even when the outside is soaked. Only in the last couple months have they started to leak. I do need to retreat them.
    The leather had held up pretty well until the last month as well. I use these for farm/property work. Typically over 15k steps per day, when working outside. Up and down hills, through brush and briars, rain, snow, whatever.

    Unfortunately they upped the price 50%, so I won’t purchase again for a shoe that last one year.

  4. M Peterson

    I really like the shoes. If there is any complaint, it would be the depth of the tread. Which of course is what you want in snow or snow on top of ice, at the tread will gather crap when you walk outside. Meaning snow mud rocks, etc. They’re relatively warm, and waterproof. I’ve worn these in Siberia in very cold weather, and in ice and snow and in water and their great. They have somewhat of a funky look, compared to what I’m used to wearing, but they are easy on an easy off which is what you need in many cultures where shoes are not allowed. I have walked as much as 5 to 10 miles a day for days on end, and got no blisters and no other problems with the shoe. If I’m in somewhat warm weather, I just don’t wear as thick of socks, and my feet are not too hot. I think they’ve struck a balance between warmth and comfort in a wide range of temperatures.

  5. Ron Nutt 2

    Update.. I just can’t recommend. Pics tell the story. Bummer…

    This is my 2nd pair of black. I also have 2 brown. I am a contractor and wear them daily. If I choose black for the day then I bring my other pair for inside of customers home. They slip on/off with ease. They are waterproof but after 10-12 months of use, the seams began to fail. But like I said, I wear them daily and wear them at work so I am hard on them. I am 11.5 and they fit true but they do stretch out rather quickly.

    In my opinion these are better than their counterpart (Merrill) and they are way better looking. Also, the cost factor is in favor if the Keens as well. I paid under $100 for each of my 4 pair.

    I am giving them 4 stars due to the premature stretching and seam separation.

    I own other pairs of Keen brand boots. They are my “go to” brand for work and play!

  6. Dart C.

    Love these shoes! So much so, I’ve been wearing this same style Keen ever since I had a below the knee amputation, and started walking with a prosthetic leg almost 10 years ago. Most of my time spent walking on them was split between 12 hour shifts at a hospital where I was on my feet most of the time, and the 14 acre farm I owned and managed. A pair of Brixens lasted 18-24 months while I was full-time at the hospital, and around a year if the majority of my time was spent working on the farm. I’ve had my current pair since early October and they are comfortably broken in. Mostly on the farm, this pair does seem to be wearing a little faster than usual. Disclaimer: I am 6’3” 325 lbs with my prosthetic leg on. My weight has varied as much as 100 lbs during a couple times I was wearing (out) a pair of these shoes. I have ADHD and put shoes through many steps through each day, many times, many steps in the same room (joke…but true). These shoes should last any normal walker/hiker much longer than they last me, maybe even twice as long.

    I’ve included photos to show my one complaint about the last two pairs of the Keen Men’s Brixen shoes…the stitching on the right side of the right shoe breaks and starts to unravel. If I was diligent and repaired it right away it wouldn’t be an issue. I would give up half a star of responsibility (my weight and heavy use) and rate them 4 1/2 stars if I could. The dirt is from working on the farm and in the wood shop, welding shop, horse barn. The waterproof feature keeps my feet (foot) dry and warm. And after a few days to a week, the shoes have been broken in and maintain comfort for the next year and a half to two years. Even when the soles have almost completely warn out, these shoes remain comfortable.

    Bottom Line: Tough, durable, long lasting, comfortable shoe that I have been wearing for 10 years (5 pairs) and will continue to wear as long as Keen keeps making them.

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