Legendary Whitetails Men’s Camp Night Berber Lined Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket

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Last updated on February 26, 2022 9:30 am


  • 66% Polyester, 34% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Snap closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Lined with thick super soft Berber and insulated with poly-fill
  • Full cotton brushed flannel shell and berber lined hood
  • Legendary Signature Buck snaps
  • Smooth lined quilted sleeves for comfort

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January 18, 2021


Legendary Whitetails

10 reviews for Legendary Whitetails Men’s Camp Night Berber Lined Hooded Flannel Shirt Jacket

  1. wlthlla

    The shirt caught my eye because the description said “Berber lined”. I also liked the patch on the sleeves. My son has out-grown the one I purchased from our local big box store and this one looked like a good replacement. Much to my surprise, comparing the weight of the two jackets is vastly different. Second, this coat is NOT lined with Berber, but some smooth long haired “fur” that looks pretty but makes the shirt tight to wear his proper size (if you have any muscle depth). Third, the outside material feels very thin as if it would not hold up any time under constant wear. If he didn’t have the one from the local store to compare I wouldn’t know any different but would have wasted money. Lastly the price price point ($80) for this shirt exceeds the quality. I was disappointed twice. This coat is not made for the rugged, rough and tough guy.

  2. Joolz

    Fits perfectly, nice and warm and looks exactly like the picture, if not better

  3. James Cormack

    I rarely spend more than around $20 on a clothing item because i am cheap, but when I do splash out its for this company. So far I have bought this shirt and a wax canvas winter jacket with hoodie insert. Both have been fantastic. This shirt fits as expected but is much much warmer than I expected it to be. I wore it on hike on top of a long sleeve tee in 40 degrees and within a half mile I was sweating buckets. Its super soft, super warm, and super comfortable. Hood is suitable and not too small, fasteners are strong and tight. Elbow pads are a nice touch. I love this shirt and will be buying more from this company for sure. Superb quality.

  4. roobear

    I could not believe my eyes!! After I washed this shirt for the first time, the two side seams and one arm seam frayed.
    The outside flannel shrunk, so the inside lining shows below the flannel.
    I washed it on a medium setting with warm water.
    I now have missed the window to exchange this shirt. I would love to exchange this because I think this might just be a “lemon” 🙁 🙁 .
    I have thought about trying to take the shirt apart and re-sew the seams. I could possibly cut the lining so it doesn’t hang below the flannel. But, when I look at the stiches, this shirt is very well sewn. It would take hours to get the seams apart.
    My husband likes to layer his clothes when going out in the cold. I wanted to get him a warm shirt that he would like and enjoy when he was outside, I am so disappointed.

  5. RichP031

    Absolutely love it! Really warm as well. Normally I’m a UK XL but I sized up as I will wear something underneath. If you don’t plan to wear anything underneath then buy the size you normally wear as XXL for me is ever so slightly a tad longer than I would have liked it.

  6. Jerry L.

    I have only worn this a few times now and this is my feelings about it. 1. I love that the inside of the main jacket has the thick berber liner. 2. The liner however does not go down inside the sleeves so this means if you wear a short sleeve under it on a cold day your arms will be cold. 3. The hand pockets on the sides have no cotton liner meaning the same thing hands with no gloves on will be cold inside the pockets. I would have felt more like 5 stars had the sleeves and pockets had even a fleece lining to them. It is a button up which is okay , my preference would have been a zipper but that is just a personal preference. I am happy I got this for sure but just those minor things are to me what would have made this jacket superb.

  7. craig sharkett

    Great buy thanks but couple of buttons fell off right away

  8. -Stacey-

    I had a number of requirements and very few hoodies met all of them. This on in fact did not either (i prefer a zipper or large buttons over snaps) but this one met all the others and was not ridiculously priced. Important to not that the fleece is only in the core. It does not extend into the sleeves. They are insulated but not with fleece. I wore this in the winter when kicking around outside or working in the yard getting ready for spring and it was great. If I can’t find another with buttons or a zipper, I will buy another one.

  9. Nate

    I had my eye on this coat for a while, and after reading reviews that it shrinks after washing turned me away. But several pointed out that people weren’t following the care instructions right or that when their jacket shrank, they got a new one.

    I washed this thing following the instructions to the letter. The flannel shell shrank at least one size down, while the sherpa lining didn’t. The bottom of the jacket now curls up like about 2 inches exposing the interior like a fluffy duck tail.

    This is ridiculous, I had expected better.

  10. Jeff

    This jacket was given 3 stars by myself for the following reasons:
    1) The size chart, (that you have to request by email for some reason) will reccomend you a size down from what you normally wear, as will other customers. DONT DO THIS! Get the normal jacket size you would wear! When the jacket reaches you, it will look and feel a size larger and your happy with your product. Then you wash it (cold water and tumble dry only because you dont want to shrink it) and it shrinks a whole size anyway and fits like a snug shirt.
    2) after you wash according to instructions, (see above) around the hem the fleece (berber) is hanging out an inch or so. After only having owned this item a week! Heres why; except the stitching around the very edge of the hem and at the arm seams, the fleece (berber) is not attached to the jacket anywhere else, so it just sags everywhere. Like a heavy blanket off the edge of your bed, while the flannel curls up around the edges.
    3)This isnt all negative though. It is a very warm, comfortable jacket that you feel fine wearing outside working, inside the house, or out and about in town. It has a rugged kind of class that looks good too!
    If possible I will be attempting to exchange mine for the normal size I wear so that after washing i can still wear it. Hope this review has helped in your purchase of this particular item.

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