Legendary Whitetails Men’s Journeyman Shirt Jacket

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  • Shell – 63% Cotton, 37% Polyester, Body Lining – 100% Cotton, and Sleeve Lining – 100% Polyester Taffeta
  • Imported
  • Flannel lined and rugged cotton suede look
  • Features antique brass Legendary snaps
  • Legendary Signature Buck applique
  • Double needle stitching and hand warmer side pockets
  • We recommend ordering a size down for a closer fit to your regular size as the sizing of this item is built larger for extra layering

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August 20, 2021


Legendary Whitetails

10 reviews for Legendary Whitetails Men’s Journeyman Shirt Jacket

  1. Andrew

    I got this jacket because I wanted a warm flannel lined jacket and I was sick of my current polyester lined jacket.

    This jacket was listed as 100% cotton lined for both sleeves and body. As you can see from my pictures, that was a lie.

    Which is too bad, I liked it otherwise.

    1 star for your lies.

  2. MacBook

    I was so excited for this piece to arrive based on the reviews I read, but disappointed immediately after opening the package.

    It came well packed, snapped up and folded in a clear plastic bag. As I unsnapped the shirt to try it on two of the snaps fell apart in my hands. “Are you f****** kidding me” I uttered as pieces of the new shirt rolled in between the floorboards. Further inspection of the shirt revealed other snaps were misaligned, and stitching misplaced.

    I’m returning this for a refund without even getting to try it on, and I recommend you look elsewear for a quality, heavy outer shirt. I’ll stick to my South American mountain range brand.

  3. Amazon Customer

    It’s a cool shirt/jacket but to be honest I bought it based solely on reviews. I’m not sure if some reviewers have had serious outdoor gear and rated this more on fashion. The look and feel are soft snd comfortable but ‘ top notch quality’ is a stretch. This won’t be an old faithful you have for years, it just looks like one. I really do like it, just appreciate why you are buying it. It’s more mountainan fashion than function which is just fine with me as long as you don’t market it where someone unjustly depended on its quality.

  4. Mr Big.

    This is an excellent purchase, delivered before expected. Quality is really good and is genuine as well..

  5. Erin Michelle

    I purchased this jacket for my husband’s birthday. The pictures on this jacket look phenomenal and exactly like something he would wear – and the pictures on the ad are the exact same jacket you will receive, however it’s very hard to decipher the texture that the exterior of the jacket is made of. We were expecting it to be a soft suede like cotton material and although it is soft, it’s definitely more of a water repellent cotton that appears almost silky and shiny like a faux leather in person. It’s a very well made jacket but the exterior was not at all what we were expecting. After inspecting the entirety of the jacket, all the buttons and stitches were perfect and the jacket had a nice heft and a very good looking cotton flannel lining that did exclude the interior of the arms. We can’t tell you how the product will wash or last because we just received it but we were very surprised upon opening it because of the texture and appearance of the outside of the jacket. The tags match up identically to the ad’s listing of the jacket’s material (Shell – 63% Cotton and 37% Polyester, Body Lining – 100% Cotton, and Sleeve Lining – 100% Nylon). And I am far from a professional when it comes to fabric but this jacket definitely has a shine to it and a soft, silky, water-resistant feeling that we were not expecting. Overall my husband said he would rate the jacket a 3/5 but I decided to give it a 4 star review because I don’t believe the listing to be wrong or fraudulent however the jacket does have a different look in person. I took many angles and close ups of the jacket inside and out (although you still cannot tell the texture – but if you’ve ever worn a water-repellent jacket, you know exactly what I’m talking about). We ended up returning it because it wasn’t what we expecting or looking for, but again, if you are okay with that texture, this jacket definitely appeared to be quality. Hopefully this review will prove helpful to others looking at this jacket!

  6. claudione60

    I write from Italy. This was a gift for my son. Slightly larger … I knew that. Over a sweater falls fine. My son is tall 1.75 m x 88 Kg. It ‘s very happy with this jacket. Highly recommended, great seller.
    I bought one for me, size XL. Send my photo.
    Best regards.
    Claudio Consul

  7. Hugh Gamboge

    Really like the fabric, it reminds me of an old Barbour jacket I owned for decades, but without the wax DWR finish. If this jacket lasts as long I’ll be well pleased. Also liking the sort of light-stone-wash appearance which gives the (correct) impression that the jacket will be comfortable to wear, out of the box .Paired with a light fleece this keeps the chill breezes at bay. I like it.

  8. Grogzie

    Really impressed with this jacket. Lightweight and comfortable and fits exactly as expected.

  9. Jeff

    The short answer to if you should go down from your typical size or not: yes, you probably should; that is, if you only plan on wearing this shirt jacket without layering. However, if you plan on wearing this with a bulker hoodie or something similar underneath OR you have a larger stomach, then probably not. If you are interested in more specifics, please continue reading. . .

    I wanted a heavier shirt jacket that I could wear over a light to medium-weight hoodie for the upcoming colder months. I normally take an XL or a L depending on the brand, and if I plan on layering or not. I have an athletic build (larger shoulders and chest and smaller waist), and, usually, when I plan on layering with a hoodie, I need an XL; but being that many said this runs large, I opted for a L. Glad I did. . .

    The large fits well over my medium-weight hoodie, had just enough room for movement where I didn’t feel like it was too tight and restricting. It also fit well enough without the hoodie, not too loose and baggy. If I would have gotten an XL as I normally would, then the fit would have been a little too loose for my liking, especially while wearing the jacket without layering. Personally, I prefer a little a snugger fit since it holds in body heat better when working in below freezing temps; but my preference for a slightly snugger fit may not be pleasurable for you. For reference, I am between 5’11” and 6 feet tall, weigh 200 lbs., have 53.5 inch shoulders, 47 inch chest and 33 inch waist (shoulders, chest and waist measured in circumference).

    If you are someone who likes a much looser fit and/or has a larger midsection, I would recommend getting your usual size — at least. This shirt jacket is more streamlined in the body than what many other shirt jackets are, so if you have a larger belly and went a size down, this shirt jacket will most likely be a bit too tight for you. This I know:
    After I purchasing mine and wearing it a bit, I bought another one for my stepfather. Unlike me, he has smaller shoulders. . .and a fairly large midsection. He normally takes a L for his jackets, but since this shirt jacket runs a little large, I opted for a M. It didn’t fit. It was OK for him in the shoulders, but the jacket wouldn’t button over his larger belly. I returned it and got a large for him, which then did fit over his larger midsection, but barely.

    This shirt jacket does have side pockets and one pocket inside up by the chest area for a smart phone, wallet or whatever. One thing I should say about the side pockets is that they are awkwardly placed. The manufacturer put the side pockets right on the seams where the front and back parts of the shirt jacket are sewn together, and so the pockets are a bit farther back from where typical side pockets would be — from my experience anyway. If you want to use them to warm your hands, you better have flexible shoulders.

    Also about the pockets. . .not the side ones, but the inside pocket up by the chest: Some people have commented that the Velcro is overly strong and thus there are some concerns of tearing the inner liner when pulling open the pocket. Yes, it is strong, like most new Velcro is, but. . .if you grab each part of the Velcro with your hands and close and open it a couple of hundred times (this may sound like a lot work, but I did so in only a couple of minutes), the Velcro will loosen up. . .and considerably.

    The thing that I am the most disappointed with is the snap buttons: They are very weak. The snap buttons are metal and look nice and sturdy, but several of them would not stay snapped together very well. They would pop open with minimal effort, like bending over, for example. Thankfully, though, not all of them are so exceptionally wimpy — just a few of them. So for most part, the shirt jacket stayed partially buttoned.

    In all, this is a very nice looking, feeling and sturdy shirt jacket which is quite warm when worn with a hoodie. It does a good job keeping out the wind and it appears to shed some water as well. It also goes on and off very easily because of the inner nylon-lined sleeves. But because of the weakness of some of the snap buttons and the extreme side placement of the side pockets, I cannot give this more than four stars.


    I’ve been wearing this shirt jacket for approximately 18 months now, during Fall and Winter mostly, and it has held up well. It has endured a lot of abuse during that time, and it still looks good — no tears, no scratches and no coming undone at the seams. But. . .as I stated before, those darn snap buttons sure could be a lot stronger. Many times while I was out doing something strenuous, like cutting brush or shoveling a lot of snow, I looked down and saw the bottom half of the jacket unbuttoned. I don’t know if I got a bad batch of buttons, or if the rest of these shirt jackets are this way. It is a minor complaint, but it does get a little annoying when working hard and then constantly having to rebutton the jacket.

    And as for how warm it is during winter. . .I’m impressed. With the configuration of clothing I have shown in my photos (tee-shirt, long sleeve denim shirt, medium weight hoodie and this jacket) , I’ve been good in -25 to -30 temperatures (and that is not including the wind chill), that is, as long as I stay active. My face and hands were another matter, though. . .

    I would like to be able upgrade my rating for this jacket, for the overall quality of this shirt jacket is high and it is also very warm. But the weakness of the snap buttons prevents me from rating it better than what I originally did.

    **Second update**

    Been two and a half years of wearing this jacket. . .and it is still in excellent shape. Even though I’ve put this shirt jacket though a lot of abuse (cutting, hauling and piling firewood, cutting multitudes of brush and many other outside jobs where I was crawling around in the dirt), the shell is still intact — no tears or rips or seams coming undone. The inside is fully intact as well. Unfortunately, the metal snap buttons have weakened a bit more. I recently took a photo of myself after I was done cutting down some balsam trees on my property. You can get a better look at how the jacket looks in an outside environment. And as testament to what I have been saying about the snap buttons, you can see that the lower half of the jacket is unbuttoned. It is such a shame that these buttons are so weak, for it degrades the overall quality and appeal of this otherwise outstanding jacket.

  10. Jeremy Lee

    I bought this item on March 2nd and have worn it MAYBE 5 times since. And it managed to start coming apart already. If you look at the image it looks like there was never even stitching there to begin with. This jacket is way too expensive for it to only last a month.

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