Lucky Brand Men’s Venice Burnout V-Neck Tee Shirt

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  • 57% Polyester, 43% Cotton
  • Imported
  • No Closure closure
  • Machine Wash
  • V neck
  • Tonal stitching
  • Short sleeves
  • Burnout knit fabric
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Last updated on February 26, 2022 5:28 pm

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8 x 10 x 1 inches, 6.4 Ounces

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Date First Available

March 19, 2018


Lucky Brand

10 reviews for Lucky Brand Men’s Venice Burnout V-Neck Tee Shirt

  1. Satisfied Customer

    I have a polo version of the t-shirt from the same manufacturer…2 years later of extensive wear it is still one of the most comfortable shirts i own and it has held up very well. There are 2 things to know in regards to this shirt that a number of complaints seem to stem from.

    1. The burnout process in manufacturing this shirt leaves it with a worn appearance and extremely light. While it looks worn the quality and strength of the shirt is not compromised. I have not seen one stitch come loose after extensive wear.

    2. This shirt is designed to fade. The shirt will continue to fade over time but it is most noticeable after the first few washes. The washed out look may be a bit jarring to some but I have grown to like the look.

    This is one of the most comfortable shirts to wear in hot weather and I only regret not buying more of them when I did. I snapped up a t-shirt version and it appears to be of the same quality as the other…I will be buying more!

  2. Dena Carruth Speed

    My hubby has always loved the look and quality of his LUCKY BRAND clothing…BUT…these T shirts are terrible! Shapeless, thin and already showing huge signs of wear. Very disappointed

  3. J. Nelson

    I have this tee in several different colors… I love the way they fit, and the cotton/poly blend fabric is super soft and comfortable, and more substantial/thicker than other brands… The only drawback to the “burnout” fabric (since the yarn fibers are irregularly shortened and fragile from whatever treatment it goes through) is a tendency to acquire thin spots (they lose a lot of substance to dryer lint!) and some pilling with repeated washing and drying. In my experience so far, washing them cold and letting them hang dry has drastically improved their durability and keeps the original soft feeling of the fabric.

  4. ONightbird

    Wow… I ordered two of these for a friend’s birthday and could not believe how the blue color faded. Not only did the dye come off on everything after washing, but it literally dyed the inside of his dryer BLUE.
    This particular color seems to be extremely-poorly made. Not only did the dye run, but my friend reported the dye stained his skin blue! The fabric is now so thin, I don’t think this shirt will last more than a few wears… IF the dye ever tops fading.
    Be careful with this color, I would not recommend it.

  5. Colleen B

    The quality of these shirts were so different than the quality I had bought of the same brand/style shirt multiple times in TJX. These shirts were longer and thinner material and continued to stretch out after washing. Bought them for my son to take out of state for the summer because he liked the ones from the store so much and wanted more colors of them. If I had a hold of them, I would have sent them back. Unfortunately, we ended up throwing them away because they had stretched out so badly. And it wasn’t just one. I had bought 3 different colors.

  6. Amy

    Bought this same shirt in the red and gray and they fit perfectly. Great material. Decided to get this color as well and it’s several inches shorter. According to Lucky Brand, “the color wash of the shirt can have it fit differently.” If this was just the normal medium size as all the others it’d be great.

  7. Richard Cephal

    Perfect shirt. Super soft and no “new clothes” smell. Lightweight. Fit and hang is perfect. Colors are dusty and not intrusive. I’m also 6′ 7″ and these are long enough with the way they hang that I don’t require a tall size as these hit just at the hip. I will buy soooooooooooo many more of these. And yes, when you wash them the dye does release from them but unless you let your laundry sit in the washer for hours on end after it’s cycled and spun you shouldn’t have any problem. You will get a fine powder in your lint tray of the dryer as well. I don’t dry “these” I hang them and they dry really quickly (liquids actually roll off them should you spill a drink) BUT I did buy some “tall” sizes from the manufacturer on sale and couldn’t return them (because they are REALLY long) so I dried them after washing and – they didn’t shrink one bit. So, being the same material, I would say that these shirts won’t shrink. There you go.

  8. Jeff Tidd

    I bought this shirt in a light green and I really liked it but when I bought this shirt in navy I got a big surprise. I never washed it before wearing and I went to the golf course, on the back 9 I noticed my arms were covered in navy dye. When I got home I noticed my face was covered in navy dye and when I took off the shirt I could have joined the blue man group. Absolutely disgusting and I won’t be purchasing anymore of these shirts.

  9. MB

    This has been a fairly good brand for me. Colors are nice. I liked the blue the best. It’s one of the limited number of shirts I can wear in hot summers of Florida.
    I’m a 42 chest, tall and fairly thin build. I buy the size large. Sleeves could be longer, but style trends seem to dictate that. Length was good. Only other gripe is that all their shirts start pilling immediately. I have other synthetics that are comfy, look nice and dont pill at all. I would say for the price, they should wear better than they do.
    That’s why it only receives 3 stars.
    Hope this helps.

  10. SomeGuy

    The fabric looks nice and feels comfortable. It doesn’t dry as fast as 100% synthetic technical shirts, but it dries a lot faster than 100% cotton (think normal t-shirt).

    The sizing and in general the construction are wildly variable. I ended up ordering a bunch of different sizes and colors to try and pick and choose. I had one large fit me like an XL balloon while another fit more like a big M. One clearly had one sleeve longer than the other. Unfortunately, the grey L that I ended up selecting had a flaw I didn’t notice until after the 30 day return window. The sleeve seem on the back left side has a piece of spurious fabric sewn into it and it sticks out maybe 1/2″. So I will have to relegate this to my paint/dirty use only pile.

    Bottom line: it’s a nice shirt, but make sure you check it thoroughly before keeping it past the return window.

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