Men’s Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Last updated on February 26, 2022 9:42 am


  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof hiking boot featuring thick padded collar and secure lace-up vamp with metal ghillie and speed-lace hardware
  • Easy-on loop at back
  • Removable molded insole
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Steel shank for support and stability

Additional information

Package Dimensions

12.5 x 11.3 x 4.6 inches, 2.95 Pounds

Item model number

Skamania Mid WP-M



Date First Available

September 9, 2020



10 reviews for Men’s Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  1. Jake Hendo

    I always buy Hi-tech boots, at least over the last handful of years. The price in general has gone up but the quality stays the same. These are not the most comfortable boots at first, but they wear in. They are waterproof, every one I’ve purchased has never had that problem. They wear out a tad faster than boots that cost twice the money. Catch them on a little bit of a sale and it’s a no doubt better bang for your buck.

    All in all my thinking goes this way: 60$ for a pair of hitechs that are def waterproof, but take a little wearing in to get comfortable and that last a year or a little more putting HARD everyday work into them or purchase a pair for two to three times the money that last a couple months longer? It isn’t worth it to me and this recent purchase is my fourth pair.

    I’ll see y’all in 15 months when I order my fifth pair.

  2. James Johnson

    I like the boots, wish I had ordered them in my size of 11…I read the reviews that recommended buying them in the next size larger…so I naturally ordered the size 12…gonna stick it out with this pair but my next pair will be my normal size 11. they are indeed waterproof, I work at a golf course and we mow wet grass early in the mornings with a heavy dew normally as well, and my feet have stayed dry inside my boots each day in those conditions. I can`t say that about the other pair of boots that I ordered thru Amazon recently, and I noticed they dont offer a product review…I wonder why that is….they lasted all of about two weeks and then they were no longer waterproof as promised. Hi Tec Men`s Skamania Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are DEFINITELY WATERPROOF !!

  3. E

    After the company shipped me the wrong size I was initially happy with the purchase upon getting the correct size. I had read another review that documented the problem I am having. As you can see from the photo the rest of the boot is not worn. It is only 7 months old. I expect more than 7 months from a pair of hiking boots.
    Note, I gave this boot one star and someone upgraded it to two. It has been corrected 12/3/2018. Not a hiking boot.

  4. Richard BAILEY

    Had a few issues with this boot but it was down to my odd shaped right foot as opposed to the boot.
    It took a week or two for them to bed in,but once worn in .they are really comfortable.
    Maybe i’m being a bit harsh by scoring it a 3/5 but it was with them being too uncomfortable to begin with.

  5. Bonnie Kinney

    These boots did not hold up at all 2 months 60 days that’s what I got out of them I’m now wearing my old boots which I quit wearing when I bought these which are in 10 times better shape and wore them for about six months before I bought these if that tells you anything about how well these boots are made the leather part of the shoe held up pretty well but the front and the soul on the shoe were not very well constructed I usually just boots for work I do home repairs and I’m mostly inside so they did not see a lot of mud or the elements from being outside just carpet and Hardwood would not buy these again at this point do not feel I got my money’s worth out of them.

  6. Cliente de Amazon

    el producto llego antes del tiempo, si se necesita andar con calceta gruesa, pero si son muy cómodas y cuando y calientan tus pies, al principio se siente como que una esta mas ancha que la otra. las medí y estaban iguales, a y si vas en parte mojada evita entre a un lugar con piso liso porque se resbalan las botas,en zona de bosque se manejan bien no resbalas ademas y en el paso del tiempo se hacen aguados y tambien se demuestra que su costura donde se unen la piel negra con la marron es de mala calidad por que se me descocieron
    quiero saber si tienen garantia para poderlas enviar

  7. Just Brian

    I bought these boots primarily to wear while I do lawn care. I have a walk behind and a ZTR. I will also use them as general work boots. They are lighter than my current boots. They came with a cheap, flat removable insole and since it is so thin I just put my go to (Sole) inserts right in on top. They now fit better. Before, these boots were rather “roomy”. The metal eyelets are not very smooth and therefore it’s more difficult to get the laces tight, hopefully this will loosen up. Padding is adequate for a 50.00 pair of imported boots. The sole offers good traction. I wore them for the first time on two yards with my walk behind and they did fine. The real test came yesterday as I used my pressure washer to clean my trailer. These boots are claimed to be waterproof and after the pressure washer work, my feet were dry. So far, so good. If they last one season they will be a bargain.

  8. A Human Shopper

    I like the look. The shoe is fine to put on.

    But the ankle support is so rigid that it bruises your leg. It is painful and clearly of poor design. I have tried to make it work but it is just not worth it.

    My Columbia snow boots are similarly rigid but they are so much taller that it doesn’t hit you right where you need flexibility.

    I didn’t think shoes could be this bad. They are horrible.

  9. Bodhi Ganguli

    I returned these within minutes of starting to use them. I bought them because they were cheap(er) and had a good rating on Amazon. I walk 30 minutes each way from the train station to my workplace and back to the station in the evening. That’s an hour of brisk walking five days a week. So I need comfortable shoes, to say the least.
    I put the boots on as “trial’ this morning. And then I got off the train and started walking. I could barely make it to the office. They are hard as rock, very uncomfortable, and fit too big based on astandard sizing scale (I always wear 8.5 US for all shoes). I was in so much pain halfway through my walk, that I hobbled the rest of the way to my desk. I have no idea how I am going to walk back to the station this evening, might have to pay for Uber (and the doctor, later).
    If you are going to use these boots for a few minutes if and when there is snow, then these may be ok for you. If you plan to get some real usage out of them, I strongly discourage you to buy these. You get what you pay for, I have learnt my lesson the hard way.

  10. lil plastic soldiers in a miniature sand box war

    Update July 2019 I have wore them for over a
    1-1/2 years they are still in great shape and perfect
    And comfy now broken in and 200.000 thousand or more foot steps hiking mud dirt sand water buying a another pair real soon just to have 5 stars !!
    Update still going these boots and I wear them on my motor cycle and they also have to endure my plastic encasements for both my feet from a wreck on my bike that crushed my foot .hiking,motorcycle ,gym 405lbs squats 1500 lbs leg pressing in them I don’t know where bad reviews come from but then again we do have times where defects happen I guess

    2 months 8000 steps a day feet are so comfy I’ve loved hitek for a while they make a good low Cost boot stop whining people for $40 bucks they are a deal for $40 bucks stop whining for what ever reason u make up ty hitek for a affordable boot ?

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