Men’s Rugged Full Zip Dakota Jacket

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  • 63% Cotton, 37% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Cotton suede shell
  • Full front zipper, snap cuffs
  • Removable Hood
  • 5 Pockets: 2 Front, 1 Zippered Chest, 2 Inside
  • Signature Buck logo on hood

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August 10, 2016


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10 reviews for Men’s Rugged Full Zip Dakota Jacket

  1. Andrew

    My first impressions with this were quite solid. Outer shell feels like leather and seems a bit water resistant (not really though). It looks excellent, isn’t very heavy and provides enough warmth for most winter days on the west coast even with just a t-shirt underneath. You might still feel chilly at ~5C if you aren’t that cold tolerant though.

    The pockets are pretty disappointing though. Some reviews mentioned them ripping and the material (also lining the sleeves) is quite thin. It can prevent sweaty hands but it’s very prone to cold and wont keep your hands warm much at all during winter.

    I have a 33-34″ chest. I ordered small and it fits loose on me but doesn’t look too bulky. Having two front zippers with the hoodie attached is kinda weird at first but you get used to it. It’ll likely be great for the spring time but the pockets suck and make the $150 I paid for it at the time a bit questionable. I wonder if it’d be worth it to get better ones sewn in.

  2. Eclectic Mom

    I bought this jacket for my husband to wear on cool fall/spring days. It is lightly insulated, so definitely not a winter coat. I bought the tobacco version, which is a dark brown. The shell has a distressed look, almost like a waxed canvas, which gives this a relaxed, sexy vibe. There is a removable drawstring hood and trim that zips in place and is easy to remove and replace. Both inside pockets are on the left, and are large enough to hold medium sized items like extra mags, pens, or a cell phone.

    My husband is 6′ with a slender build, and wears this in a medium. The sleeve length is just under 34″, so it comes down past his wrist, which means everything is covered if he is wearing gloves. The bottom of the jacket sits just below his waist, so he is able to wear it while sitting without it bunching up.

    Bottom line: You are definitely paying a little extra for the brand, but I love how this jacket looks on my husband, and its so comfortable that I will wear it myself when I’m going for a walk or running a quick errand.

  3. TheZonAddict

    My only issue is that for a large tall. It’s pretty big. I still wish it was a bit longer. But it’s slightly too large in diameter for me. Quality is fine. But watch the pricing. I got ripped off the first time around.

  4. itscomplicated

    My husband picked this coat out after I showed him the options here on Amazon. He’s 6’ 170 lbs, generally wears size L so that’s what he insisted I order. Got the brown version. (what we received doesn’t look like the Amazon picture, the color is more like well-worn charcoal,-the only thing that’s brown on this jacket is the thread detailing,. see my attached pics). The pics included were taken right out of the sack fyi.
    He wanted a warm coat for working in his garage, so didn’t necessarily buy it for dressier occasions (good thing).
    My first impression out of the package was “that cost $100???“
    It appears ‘weathered’, much like I remember my dad’s old ranch coats looking after being worn & washed for years. Amazon description reads: ‘rugged’, so we got that,
    He likes the fit right out of the sack. He’s picky about the fit of his coats, they can’t be too long, cause he hates having to pull & wrestle with it whilst getting in & out of vehicles, so if he’s able to sit on it, he wont wear it, so fit-wise, its great right out of the gate, however it probably won’t be after washing. This is his fault for not liking to size up.
    He doesn’t like the looks of those puffy looking coats with all the seams in them, even though they are usually warm, & as I mentioned, he doesn’t like to sit on them, which also rules out most of the winter parka types of coats, plus, he hates hoods,- but this one detaches so all good there.
    There didn’t seem to be many options on here after weeding out all his dislikes,- hence, the reason we ended up with this coat.
    We mistakenly assumed though, (and hoped, in spite of a few reviews to the contrary), for what it costs, it would be fairly warm as a redeeming quality, but nope. This is a jacket at best, and definitely not a $100 one, based on appearance/warmth. Its more like a $35 jacket,- tops. Our local thrift storehouse has nicer jackets than this for <$15.
    Halloween night he wore it, he was only out for about an hour & half, temp got down to 40 degrees, he wore a tee shirt, denim shirt over that, another heavy fleece jacket type of shirt over that, then this coat over all, and he was cold.
    I’ve never heard of this brand, but it must be what your paying for, because its just not worth $100 by any stretch of the imagination in our opinion.
    bottom line: for the price we paid, we wouldn’t buy again or recommend to others.

  5. Pat

    My jacket is XL and it’s Tobacco Brown. I’m 6’1″ tall and weigh 195 pounds and I live in South Florida. I wrote that so it may help someone with deciding what size to choose when buying this jacket. It fits A1 perfectly in every way except the sleeves are a bit long. But 12 dollars at my tailor shop fixed that. Ok, now the jacket itself. I love everything about it. The material looks and feels like a jacket that sells for 3 or 4 times the amount I paid. The hoodie insert will work perfectly for the few chilly days we have here. The insert removes very easily and voila: It becomes my very favorite casual jacket hanging in my closet. i don’t understand the complaints about pockets because on my jacket the outer hand warmer pockets are deep and substantial. The upper zipper pocket perfectly holds my Hide & Drink card holder wallet and it’s far more secure there than in my jeans pocket. Summed up I just love this jacket. I have no affiliation with the company that makes this jacket or the seller of it so I can affirm this is the best jacket deal I have ever seen on Amazon. If you were undecided please trust this review because it’s in no way skewed. You just can’t go wrong with it.


    I’m somewhat a large guy – and relatively slim (6′ 210 lbs), and the jacket is a bit large (ordered a large). Would probably have exchanged it for a large if they had it. Maybe it’s that I’m used to fitted jacket. Look carefully at the sizing charts. If you’re a 32-34, probably go with the medium.

    But the quality of the jacket is great. Amazing. Looks very casual and it’ll be amazing this spring for weekends.


    I purchased the ‘tarmac’ color. I found that to be a cross between grey and black…like asphalt that has been sun bleached after a month or two. I like it! I was going for black but this works in my ‘I need a dark jacket tonight’ situations.
    It’s made quite well. It should definitely be noted though, it does run a tad large. Perhaps a half size larger than labeled?
    I am 5’10 155 lean. The medium might have worked, I don’t know. I am keeping the large, since the bit of over size allows a heavy sweatshirt underneath with plenty of wiggle room.

  8. Shad

    I would like to say this coat is awesome. I’m 6’5 and 260 lbs so finding items that fit properly can be a challenge. I bought a bunch of shirts from LW in XLT and they are all perfect so I took a chance on this jacket in XLT- despite the negative reviews about pockets ripping or whatever. I have owned it for 3 months now and it is broken in nicely. I took the sweatshirt dicky thing out right away because its retarded in my opinion.

    I have gotten many compliments on the coat. I have put keys and other items in the pockets daily and nothing has ripped. I guess if you put a knife in any coat pocket its going to rip so use your head and you won’t have problems.

    I am warm blooded by nature and live in Michigan so its cold here. i have been wearing this coat for my everyday winter coat and its plenty warm. It isn’t a parka but its fine for winter use if you aren’t going to be outside for 8 hours at a time in 0 degree weather.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I am very happy with this purchase the jacket is warmer than I expected i have been wearing it all winter so far at -20 you would want another layer under it I am 6ft 185 the medium fits me perfectly I can dress it up by removing the hood
    great jacket

  10. travel’nman

    I bought the size L Tabacco colored jacket after buying the size M in black. The M is too tight and is going to the op shop. The L is the correct size despite the sizing charts. In the marketing and pictures it looks really nice but in reality after receiving this jacket, its worth half the asking price including delivery in my opinion. If I saw it in front of me a a shop I would not have bought it for more that $40.00. There’s nothing exclusive or special about it. There’s also nothing wrong with it. It’s just one of those purchases that doesn’t meet expectations. It looks great in the pictures and the marketing spiel by the product manager in the video but the real thing deosn’t look like that. It’s sport of a rubbery faux leather look that is not supposed to be leather look. It’s going to the op shop too.

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