Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

(10 customer reviews)


  • Rubber sole
  • Faux Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Padded collar for added comfort
  • Lace-up front
  • Wide Fit
Last updated on February 26, 2022 9:43 am

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

5 x 5 x 0.7 inches, 1.75 Pounds



Date First Available

September 25, 2017

10 reviews for Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

  1. Christian

    SPACE HEATER NEEDED TO DRY THEM out every night. Moisture from your feet, not outside. They are waterproof I tested. But the material it’s constructed with inside will NOT dry overnight like all my normal work boots. So you’ll need 15 minutes with a heater directed at them at night.

    The rubber is very thin in the middle so don’t expect heavy protection from nails or very sharp objects.

    Great boots for the price, not $200 boots okay.
    Get size 11 if your 10.5. These are great boots. And they look good.

    Order two sizes up if u have thick feet.

    Fairly comfortable I just put an extra pair of insoles in them like I do all my boots.

  2. John Arteche

    I’ve had these for about a week and had the opportunity to break them in during the start of Boston winter times.

    To start they definitely do not look like $30 boots. The stitch quality is nice and the fabric finishes complement the leather very well.

    While wearing only thin sports socks, my feet were warm and dry while walking around the snow. After a week of wearing them, the boots fit very comfortably and the light creases on the toe make it look even better.

    Definitely a must try for this price!

  3. Jon M

    I wasn’t sure what to expect initially, but the other reviews and images definitely swayed me to give this these pair of boots a go.

    I wanted to find something that was both durable and stylish that I could wear daily- and these definitely filled both of those roles, and went way above my expectations- especially at this price point.

    – Solid material and make, clean and color was just as displayed from the seller’s images.
    – Surprisingly soft interior.
    – Comfortable for my everyday wear and go great with my jeans- dark blues and greys.
    – They fit really well (bought size 11, i normally wear 10.5 – 11.5- just depends on the make), and I have wide/flat feet. Which was my biggest concern, seeing as some/most shoes end up being more narrow and uncomfortable.

    I think the only think I would have loved to from these would have been it having a thicker insole for more cushion- but that’s personal preference. That being said, I’m definitely using the money I saved buying this vs more expensive mainstream brands to buy a comfy insert and toss it in these bad boys.

    Overall, I really am happy with my purchase.They arrived quickly, well packaged, and are well made. These are a great bang for your buck sort of boots, especially at that price point. I know for sure I’m going to look over their other products and wishlist another pair of these for a future purchase.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought these reading all the other reviews. I liked them after the first time I wore them! I thought I got a steal. They were comfy and looked good… all for a great price. Now let’s fast forward to today, the third time wearing these shoes. The back loop breaks off, the hole one of the laces goes through pops out and the sole is starting to come off! What??? I buy so many things on amazon and this is actually the first 1 star review I have posted.

  5. Kindle Customer

    This could and perhaps should have been a Christmas gift. While I cannot speak of there ability for hiking they certainly are great for every day walk about in the city. He loved them they are very nice and I feel worth every penny. Now I come to the point in the box I was offered free other things to write a good review. It angered me and it’s whats wrong with the amazon market place. I don’t want to be bribed I want to be reliable.

  6. Chasity Medley

    I bought these boots for my husband for an early Christmas gift. He works outside 10+ hours a day in all types of weather. I gave them to him on Saturday because I knew we were supposed to be hit with a blizzard, thunder snow, and over 10 ft of snow. He complains constantly that his feet are wet with just a little bit of rain outside. Today he went to work and this was a picture he took this afternoon of his feet in 2-3 inches of ice cold water/slush and snow. He said, “These are the best pair of boots I own. My feet are dry, the guys have said the boots look really nice, and again, MY FEET ARE DRY!! The only thing I would have liked is if the tongue of the shoe was sewn into the shoe itself.” I would most definitely recommend these shoes to anyone.

    I did see the reviews stating that the shoes wouldn’t hold up after a few months. For the cost of these shoes they are well worth a few months of use and having dry feet. Even if these do break down in a few months, I would buy another pair. Again, they are well worth it. My husband goes through a pair of high price work boots in less than 6 months working outside all day everyday. High price is $100+. I will have to post an update in a few months to let you all know if they worked more than a few months like the other reviews stated.

  7. Whit Matthews

    For a $40 boot I’m impressed. I got these because they look fresh and they said they were waterproof, but honestly I had my doubts about the quality at this price. They’re definitely simple in terms of design, no fancy flourishes, they’re lightweight and flexible. First time I wore them it was snowing hard and I was slogging around in it for 2 hours My feet never got cold and when I got home my socks were bone dry. I’m sold, and I’m recommending them to everybody.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Ok, so here’s the deal. Yes, I’ve received a lot of compliments about these shoes and for the first 2 months they worked great. However, after using them int he harsh chicago winter I’ve noticed a lot of design flaws on these.
    1. The heel is easily removed – the fabric lifted and the sole was revealed allowing water to sit in the crevices.
    2. The insole wears easily and feet are then exposed to the outersole
    3. Water enters the sole crevices and then seeps into the insole to the feet and then cannot get out because they have a waterproof housing.

    So, if you plan on wearing these in any wet conditions – don’t. If you plan to stay dry these work great.

  9. Ahmad

    Good boots but bit pricy As compared to what is available in the market

  10. Kevin Johnson

    I was looking for a pair of shoes that I could go walking and hiking with in the local parks and beaches. I have to say I am very very happy with these shoes, they are really comfortable and I have been walking up to 20km a day in them. I am usually size 43 but reading the reviews here I went up to the next size 44 and they fit perfectly. I have been walking in a range of conditions including rain, mud and sand and they have been perfect. What I like about them so far is how comfortable they are. I will be ordering another pair to put away just in case amazon sells out of them!

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