Merrell Men’s Moab 2 MID Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • 100% Suede Leather/Mesh
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch
  • M Select DRY seals out water and lets moisture escape so you stay dry when you’re on the move
  • Performance suede leather and mesh upper
  • Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out. Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability, 5mm lug depth
  • Protective rubber toe cap, Breathable mesh lining
  • Vibram TC5+ sole, 5mm lug depth
  • Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support
  • Protective rubber toe cap

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

13.7 x 9 x 4.8 inches, 1.2 Pounds

Item model number




Date First Available

July 9, 2016


Merrell Footwear

10 reviews for Merrell Men’s Moab 2 MID Waterproof Hiking Boot

  1. Buck Neighkitt

    I walk A LOT on both pavement and woodland terrain for up to 10 hours and do it frequently and this is currently the only brand i can trust to not become mushy or fall apart. The sole is very supportive for a very long usage, it will not move around, become detached or let go of the surface cloth like other shoes always do with wear. I have kicked chunks of ice, bonfire logs, rocks, scraped the shoes on forest wood and the stitching and whatever glue holds up. The suede-ish finish feels very nice to the touch and cleans off surprisingly easy for a textured surface. The rubber on the bottom of the shoe takes much longer to wear down than other brands. I am on my 3rd pair of MOAB hiking boots, 2nd pair of running shoes and 1st pair of insulated boots from Merrel and all are impressive in terms of support and durability. The shoelaces are back to being the good kind now, my last MOABs had unacceptable shoelaces and now they switched back to the more durable ones that also don’t come undone. The only thing peculiar I ever noticed about the newer MOAB boots compared to the style about 5 years ago is that the toe now has mesh directly on the top which lets more water in during rain or even being kicked up from a wet ground. The older style had a strip of leather straight down the middle with mesh on the sides and the old toe style kept my feet notably drier. Still the best shoe brand for heavy walkers and hikers so far

  2. Amazon Customer

    Usually, I love Merrell Hiking boots. With my last pair I hiked the grand canyon three times! This pair has been a tremendous disappointment only because after 3 weeks of daily use as a K9 Handler the right boot inside toe started ripping, stitching is coming out and had to use Shoe Goo to repair them. These should come with Shoe Goo to repair the stitching. These are my most comfortable boots and truly waterproof. My last pair were half this price and lasted three years of hiking trips. Too bad they don’t make the right boot as well as they do the left boot. I’m going to recommend they sell these boots separately. I know the issue is not width because these are wide. For Merrell boots I’d recommend going cheap if for daily wear, the more costly don’t seem to equal better quality. For me these were a waste of money! They’re great while they last – about two months – at this rate if I kept buying these Merrells new, it would cost me about $800 a year!

  3. Paul B

    From the minute I opened the box I was impressed. They look good and fit perfect. I take size men’s 13 wide.
    The first day I had a 5 mile hike, no problem a all. The second day they felt even better. Nice design, solid sole, water proof and a good grip. Its not my first first pair of Merrell boots and it won’t be the last.

  4. Woodson

    NOT waterproof. I hiked about 40 miles around the Teton Crest Trail when it was raining on and off, and this boot gets flooded within 2-3 hours. I had wet feet and socks all 5 days on the trail and it was miserable. To top it all off, the outer sole has separated from the rest of the boot after less than 100 miles of wear. (The right boot leaks despite not having any obvious holes/separation.)

    The foot support is OK. I have flat arches so I traded the insole for a superfeet insole. I still get hot spots on the balls of my feet and heel, but YMMV. I definitely get blisters on the insides of my toes while wearing these shoes, but that’s probably because of the aforementioned leaks.

    For the price, I definitely would’ve expected a more durable and higher performing shoe. This shoe is fine for dry conditions, but when you’re on the trail and need robust gear for all sorts of conditions, this boot falls far short.

  5. JustRidingAlong

    I have a pair of these I purchased a year ago from a sporting goods store. They proved to be very durable and comfortable but a bit on the small side. In those I had hiked well over 400 miles and perhaps worn 50% off the tread. Other than them being a bit small, fit and construction was stellar. I relegated them to the sports closet for summer time wear with thinner socks.

    Meanwhile, in late December 2018, I purchased a pair 1/2 size larger. The construction, fit and comfort was on par with the previous pair. Sadly. Very sadly, the durability was not.

    Seriously what happened!? I have 7 weeks of usage and maybe 100 miles on these! The treads are ripping off and over 50% of the tread wear life is gone. How can that be???

    Merrell, what happened? I no longer feel trust in your product(s) nor can I afford to purchase boots every 3 months if I was so inclined. These say Vibram soles but are totally and completely without the legendary Vibram durability.

    Update; I attempted to contact Merrell but received no response.

    A temporary solution to lug and sole separation is to re-attach using superglue. I’ll do that for awhile to attempt to get my money’s worth out of the purchase but will no longer buy any Merrell product.

  6. Dana Rocco Macri

    These things kick butt. I work in the rain a lot, and need something that can hold up to being rained on for like 8+ hours non stop while stepping in water and all the rest. These things have gotten so wet I could swear they would let water through but they have not yet. I also ride my motorcycle with these when I know im going to have to ride in bad weather and I know my feet will always be try. I wish they had a high boot version of these.

  7. Adam Howse

    I couldn’t find a 13 wide and bought these regular size 13 shoes. I’m bias in this opinion having never put on a shoe and just had it fit without needing a bit of time to work in before finding the Merrell brand. These are nearly perfect shoes save for not being able to find them in a 13 wide. I don’t know a way they could be made better.

  8. Amazing Customer

    2nd day wearing these shoes. Very comfortable right out of the box, just as the advertising said… I can’t tell about the waterproofing as I didn’t face any water, but the are definitely not as breathable as I expected. My feet were wet as the photo shoes but the outside of the boot is still very dry. Moisture definitely comes from the inside… I usually don’t sweat much from the feet, but apparently these shoes makes it different.
    It is very expensive at 171CAD$ for a boot that is just as regular as any other boot.
    120$ would be a fair price for these hiking boots.

  9. Stutz

    I wear 10.5 or 11 depending on the brand, and these are definitely 11 on my foot. Similar sizing to Nike sneakers. If you’re between two sizes, I would recommend the larger. They are snug but not tight around the foot, and the toe box is big enough. Spot on.

    I don’t have a ton of experience with modern hiking shoes or trail runners. I’ve worn big leather Danner boots mostly. I find these Moab 2’s extremely comfortable and lightweight. I did a 5 mile hike in them and two days of deer hunting and they caused me no unusual foot pains. Spot on, again.

    I like the color (Beluga) more than I anticipated. The Vibram soles are pretty impressive. Good grip, flexible enough to do any activity easily, but stiff and protective when walking on rocks. Easy to put on and take off but they probably won’t get sucked off your feet either unless you’re in some extremely deep, serious mud. In hot weather my feet warmed up and sweated a bit, but not too terrible for waterproof boots. Spot on!

    I had to put this in scare quotes because it’s not accurate. I’d describe them as water resistant, or, at best, temporarily waterproof. I did a hike in intermittent heavy rain, where they performed well at first. But after a few hours of the outside of the shoes being wet (especially near the bottom of the trail when I had to hike through wet vegetation), I began to feel wet spots on my toes and sides of my feet. This wasn’t water that had simply run down into the top of the boots, this started from the bottom. By the end of the hike, the boots, my socks, and my feet were 100% soaked. I left them under my tarp for the night, woke up in the morning, and put on still-sopping-wet boots for the return hike. I thought perhaps it was due to the extreme conditions, so I wore them two more times in the wet during deer season, and again after spending the morning walking through a bit of wet grass in mild rain, spots of wetness in my socks again appeared near the bottom of my foot. Not impressed at all.

    Overall, I pretty much like everything about these except their water resistance, which is actually kind of bad.

  10. Paul

    First of all I’d like to state that I look in depth when shopping for expensive items.
    My shoe size is UK10, but when wearing boots I take a UK11.
    These boots cover my ankles which gives added support where needed. I bought these specifically for walking and mainly Metal Detecting. When spending 6-7 hours on my feet I thought it was important to find a pair of hiking boots that give the support under my feet. So many cheaper boots I bought seem to ok, but they leave my feet painful and aching.
    I already have a pair of Merrill training shoes, and Merrill Sandle’s, so when I looked at all the different boots I came to the decision that buying Merrill Hiking boots was a no brainier, even though very expensive.
    I’ve previously bought boots from the following shops, TKMaxx, The Factory Shop, and the camping shop. each of those boots lasted about 6-8 months before I had to throw them away because they wore away, tore at the sides of the boots.
    I would suggest that you don’t buy cheap because they don’t last. I would recommend these hiking boots.

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