Skechers Men’s Superior Gains Loafer

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  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
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12.2 x 7.7 x 4.6 inches, 8 Ounces

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March 12, 2013



10 reviews for Skechers Men’s Superior Gains Loafer

  1. Tim

    These shoes look beautiful. They are however incredibly uncomfortable to wear. The heel grip rubs to the point of causing a nasty calous or bleeding. The sizing on thesr is approx half a size too big. This makes me sad as they are so lovely to look at.

  2. Chris

    The back rubs on the back heel like crazy. There is no padding around the back rim like every other shoe made. This shoe would be perfect it if did not blister my heal every day I wear them. I included a screen shot. As you can see, it is creased right on the back middle and that just grinds in after a full day. If I had to walk all day I would be complaining much worse. I have a desk job! I am going to get a refund sadly.

  3. Vincent Vega

    I bought this “exact same” pair of shoes from a local store over a year ago. The moment I tried them on, I said “These are what I’m buying, I’m done shopping.” They were the most comfortable shoe I’d ever worn, and I’m not kidding about that.

    So when the soles wore out and my dog decided to chew the top off of them, I came here to get a replacement pair. Big mistake. Whatever they sent me has the same name and the same model and make, but it’s not the same build. They made the heel area extremely narrow and it comes to a point now. Not only that, but the back of the heel used to have a second piece of thick foam that was very comfortable and it’s gone now.

    After a day of wearing them at work I had the worst blister I’ve had on my heel since my army days.

    The heel on my first pair was soft, flexible and wide; perfectly fitting my foot. The heel on this one is angular, taller, stiff and sharp, cutting into my foot with every step.

    Do yourself a favor and if you bought a pair of these a year or two ago, don’t replace them. Find another comfortable shoe because sketchers redesigned this horribly.

  4. Nicolas

    Excellent Service arrived early.Shoe looks great ,fits well. I have Scotch guarded them as I am afraid to ruin the shoes with all this wet weather. Have now ventured outdoors and with a damp cloth rub over come up like new.

    Great Purchase

  5. Demaray

    I use these loafers as a replacement for slippers when walking around the house. Although a cozy pair of slippers maybe more comfortable at the start, I find they always break down too quickly, and are unreliable for traction when going up and down stairs. These loafers are almost perfect, providing good grip with the floor, a stiff outer that protects my feet, and enough material to keep my feet warm with a good pair of socks. The fit is good, and I found the measurements to be accurate, which can slightly differ between brands and even styles of the same brand. I have never had this problem with Sketchers, so they are pretty reliable in that regard.
    The insoles are made of memory foam, which doesn’t seem to last longer than a month with moderate wear. I use an aftermarket insert which keeps the bottoms comfortable and provide better support. The leather ages well, and still looks good after 3 months and the seams still look tight and are holding well. The style of these loafers are good looking, and you could pull off wearing them with your everyday clothes.

    The two biggest Cons for these loafers would be that the high back angles right into the Achilles heel, which makes wearing them very painful until they are broken in. A little padding on this part would have been a big help here. Additionally, I found the smell of these loafers to be unpleasant after a few days of wearing them. It may just be the leather reacting to sweat, but they definitely have a unique funk to them for the first month. On that note, these loafers have ZERO breathe to them, so if you plan to wear them longer than a couple of hours, use foot powder and take them off for a few minutes once in awhile. Otherwise the sweat really builds up.

  6. Douglas M. Lerner

    I have been using Skechers for some years, and really loved the comfortable fit and the great insoles which are like massaging my toes while walking. I could find the exact model I had been using this time (Glides-Calculous) so went with the same size in this model. They are “ok” but not the same. The insoles seems thinner and less “massaging.” And the soles are thinner so I feel the cold pavement when on a dog walk. But like I said, they are “ok.” Nothing to rave about though, like I always have done with my previous Skechers. I guess it’s really best to buy shoes in person when possible.

  7. Nathan Z.

    I’ve been purchasing Skecher Rayland style as my business casual shoe for years now, but thought I’d give these a shot as they are aesthetically similar and at the time of purchase were $20 cheaper. I immediately regretted it, for everything that made the Rayland a wonderful shoe these were the exact opposite. The leather on the heel side stops much lower and causes the leather to sharply dig into the foot when you walk. They were also much tighter across the balls of my feet and caused the front of my foot to go slightly numb when sitting for any period of time. Will definitely be returning these. Worst. Skechers. Ever.

  8. JeffreyM

    Cruel Shoes. I should have listened to the other reviews. A cheap, stiff little shoe, not like other similar looking Sketchers I’ve bought in the past that wear like a dream. Worst of all, the crippling heel. Little padding, low and stiff around the heel left cut into my feet giving me the start of blisters in just a few hours wear. I’ll try to wrench some flex into them with hammer and tongs, if not better then into the trash. Last pair of shoes I buy with trying them on first.

  9. Scott

    Very disappointed in these shoes. I previously had a pair of brown shoes that matched these that I purchased from Kohls, absolutely loved those shoes and walked them down to nothing. Used the info from the tag inside the shoes and found these as a match so I ordered a black and brown pair hoping to get another 1.5 years from good shoes. Well despite matching the info these are not the same shoe, big difference is the heel. These have a hard leather band around the back that eats right into your achilles leaving a nice blister on each foot after just a few hours of walking. Unfortunately for me I unboxed both, made sure they fit and the boxes promptly went into the trash so now I have no box to return so guess Im going to have to try and work the leather like a baseball glove. The fit was right and they have the same sole and basic shape as the older model but that heel makes them miserable to wear. Maybe if I can get the leather broken in on the backs I will come back and up the review, but for now these are blister machines and should be avoided!!!

  10. CK

    Great for a teenager that usually destroys anything! These are nice and lightweight and so far been very resilient!

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