Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot,Dark Brown,6.5 M US

(10 customer reviews)


  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Waterproof
  • Utility
  • Padded collar for added comfort.
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Additional information

Product Dimensions

13.4 x 9.9 x 5.1 inches, 2 Pounds

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Date First Available

October 4, 2005



10 reviews for Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot,Dark Brown,6.5 M US

  1. R. McAtee

    This is my third pair of this specific boot. I bought the first pair two years ago, and after a year of daily wear, I decided to buy another pair to eventually replace the first. I just started wearing *that* pair a week ago, meaning I got just shy of two years of wear from the first, and while that first pair is cosmetically rough and the soles worn down a fair amount, they are still wearable. (By daily wear, I mean everything from office to running errands to yard work.) That means the pair that I ordered off Amazon is the third, and will be the replacement for a year or two down the road.

    The only “problem” with these boots is that the brown finish (for lack of a better word) wears off fairly quickly, so keeping them looking nice can be a bit of a challenge over time.

  2. Just Some Guy

    These state they have a “memory foam” insert. About the only padding I can find is the over stuffed tongue. The rest seems to be made of plywood. The leather seems to be a good quality and the sole seems to be made of quality rubber. It’s all very stiff. Hopefully they break in quickly, or they are going in the trash.

    One month update: They are very not waterproof. Even though the term is on each boot four times, it doesn’t work. Maybe less time writing it and more time making them waterproof.

    The memory foam still hasn’t appeared. Buy me feet are starting to conform to the boot instead.

    The leather upper has seemed to break in, so that part is working well.

    TLDR: Not a good hiking boot, not a good work boot. Would look good on a shelf if you wanted to say you had a pair of boots.

  3. Jose Antonio

    Las acabo de recibir, Julio 2018. Es verano y no puedo juzgar el “andar con ellas”.
    Son fuertes y de calidad indiscutible. Su puntera es dura, pero las pones y apenas lo notas.
    Las he probado, son MUY comodas y quedan un “pelin” grandes. Te sube unos 4 cm. la altura, cosa que agradeces y sinceramente,
    me parecen una autentica salvajada de botas.
    Tuve unas Panama que me duraron unos 10 años y estas me da… que van a ser lo mismo. Y con una diferencia a favor de mi bolsillo.
    Y las compre al cojer unos botines Vans y quedarme éstos, grandes.
    Por cierto recuerda que son botas WATERPROOF:
    Waterproof es un tratamiento que se le da al calzado para que quede impermeabilizado. Su principal ventaja es que va a repeler el agua y no va a permitir que se introduzca en nuestras botas. Por lo tanto, son optimas para usar en zonas donde la lluvia es moderada.
    Recomendables 100%.
    Si te ha servido para algo el comentario, dale por favor al voto util.


  4. Sherwood

    These Boots arrived on time and well packed. I made good use of the size guide ,which seems accurate.
    I ordered a UK size 12 ( EU 47.5 & USA 13) perfect fit . With reasonable thick woolly sock I was till able to wiggle my toes and move a little. In normal socks the fitting was still comfortable. My foot width is 4 1/2″ inches and the boots did not pinch but fitted comfortably so I would say a broad foot could be suitable for these boots. The tongue to the boots is very well padded. The toe cap below the outer leather feels like a extra hardened shell but its not obvious from the outside. The inner sole of the boots is nicely padded. Overall this is fantastic value for money I would say. I have not been able to test the waterproof claim . The weight of the boots is not overly heavy but in keeping with their size and construction . They are not light weight a little heavier than most I have worn. I will test the waterproofness later in the year. A great buy.
    I purchased these Boots in Aug 2020 and now I can update my review.
    These are Waterproof in my opinion. Have walked extensively through very long wet grass and having been out in pouring rain for 2 hours they keep my feet warm and dry.. Very happy

  5. Eric F

    The fit is great. I had to add my own insoles for arch support, then everything was great. These are really tough shoes! I used the as work shoes in my last job as a machine operator, everything was full of oil and sharp and heavy steel products. I really abused them, including walking to and from work on the bus with them. The soles and leather and stitching held up totally! Quality. The soles are better on snow and ice than on oil. On oil they were ify. Sufficiently warm in the Wisconsin winter, they are indeed waterproof…. after all mine have been through, they are still waterproof! (No, I’m not saying that water won’t seep in by the laces if you walk into a 6 inch deep puddle!) I’m now using them to go to work and at work in a lighter job, no need to buy a new pair yet. I would recommend these after tried and true, real world testing.

  6. Jonny V.

    I used to go to Walmart and buy cheap work boots. I also used to replace those cheap work boots every six months cause they were cheap. So about two and a half years ago I decided to invest in better boots. I bought a pair of Skechers brown work boots while on a trip to Ohio. Two and a half years later I’m only now replacing those boots with these. I’m not replacing my old boot cause they’ve worn out either. There’s not a popped stitch, broken eyelet, or cracked sole leather on either of the pair. Aside from the scruffs on the leather they are like they just came out of the box. I only decided to replace them as I wanted a different style. Skechers is doing something very right with their boots. They are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. As for durability, Skechers boots will last you a long while. They have a great look too. All this for $60!?!? Best boot on the market! Thank you Skechers! Keep up the good work and you’ll have a life long customer!!

  7. Jack Russell

    My normal choice of boot was timberlands and sometime Caterpillars. However as both these brands have rocketed in price I decided to shop around.when I came across these sketchers. Costing a lot less than my usual boot I was not expecting too much.

    I’ve had these boots for over 4 months now. I wear them everyday and walk over 20k a day in all weathers. Not only have they held up great they are out performing the more expensive brands I’d been using for years.

    As long as sketchers continue to make this exact boot. I will continue to buy these from now on.

  8. ASG

    Update: It’s been 9 months, and the boots are still fantastic. They’re the most comfortable boot I’ve ever owned. The microfiber does need cleaned to stay looking like it did when it was new, but I wear these all day, every day, and they have held up. They are perfect for everyday use. I am extremely happy with them and just bought the black pair. I hope they also live up to the expectations.

    These boots were good as expected. Thy were a bit pricey, but I cannot complain. They fit true to size and are extremely comfortable and warm. They are probably perfect fall and winter boots, and the charcoal color looks very sharp. The only “complaint” I have isn’t really a complaint, but just something to be aware of: that they are very well insulated. The tongue is thick, and the boots are waterproof, so your feet stay very warm. If you work in the cold elements, or your feet get cold easy, then you’ll be happy. If you walk a lot and need a fall/winter boot and don’t mind breaking in a heavier boot, these are for you. If you like a fall color to wear with jeans and long sleeves, again, these are for you. If you live in the south and want these to work in a factory or construction, or to wear out in the summer, you may want to find boots that breathe more/better.

    Overall 5 stars, would purchase again.

  9. MandaPanda

    This is the second pair of these my husband has gotten. He is a gravel train driver and loves the lightweight along with the sketchers comfort with the long days. His last pair lasted 8 months which for him is about 2 times longer than the CAT or craftsman we bought.
    On the other side my teen son asked for a pair after seeing them so A+ for styling.
    We have now purchase another pair for both husband and son, as well as a gift. They still are a favorite wear.

  10. James Butikofer

    I had bought a cheap $20 pair of boots at Walmart and they were absolute garbage. I took them back, went to JC pennies and tried on a pair of these shoes that fit me. I then order that same size here on Amazon because they were cheaper than the ones at JC pennies. Anyways I use these boots for welding and they work awesome. They actually have weight to them and use really nice leather. Definitely some good bang for your buck. Really good color too

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