Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Strike On Training Shoes

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  • 100% Leather and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Man made sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Closure Type: Slip-on; Strap Type: Monk-strap
  • The shoes are extra wide fit

Additional information

Product Dimensions

5 x 5 x 0.7 inches, 12 Ounces

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Date First Available

January 29, 2018



10 reviews for Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Strike On Training Shoes

  1. Opio

    Bought these to walk/exercise in. But from February to May they have worn out. Not the soles but the uppers. I always use a shoe horn to put on but the shoes have started to come apart round the heal thus breaking down losing support. Now these are not expensive shoes and I power walk almost every day about five to six miles but in three months they should still be in good shape. I’m not likely to buy Skechers brand again.

  2. Sean

    I was going to drop this 1 star bc according to the pics the pebble is more tan but in real life this color is more green. It’s like an army green or olive green. It is not brown or tan like in the photos. I will let that go bc these are comfy. Got the 9.5 4E which feels just a hair tighter than my other sketchers in the same size but these are laceless so maybe that’s why. I’m talkin a hair so no biggy. Unless you are hiking or running no lace shoes are great. Easy slip on and off. And they stay put they don’t flop off. Out of the box these are pretty good.

    UPDATE: Almost 2 yrs later. Ordered another pair went a size up to 10x wide and perfect. Went with the blue gray white and they look good. The blue is darker in person than in my pics. Fits great plenty of toe room fits snug enough to where they don’t slip off. No blemishes or defects. Will be buying more. ?

    UPDATE: A few months later and I got the brown pair. ?1 pic is inside 1 pic outside. In sunlight or daylight they look more brown tan. I normally wear a 9.5 wide but the 1st pair I got seemed to crunch my toes in certain situations as they are not a tie down fit so went with the 10 wide. The blue ones were perfect but one time as I went to put them on I scrunched the back heel portion and that made this plastic piece inside bend and it would rub against my foot which was uncomfortable so don’t step on the back heel part.

    The blue ones seemed more comfortable for some reason. Not that the brown ones are not. Next color will be the light gray or the black ones but they seem to be out of black all the time and they cost more. ? Good walking shoes but if you order a little big they will fly off trying to run in them. ?

  3. Chuck K.

    Afterburn’s are my favorite Sketchers shoe. They deliver comfort, consistant fit, and exceptional quality. They are surely made of high quality materials, as they seem to last longer than most of their competiton. These M.Fit loafers are no eception to what I have come to expect from this line/style of sneakers. They seem to provide a good level of support and have held their shape, (which is not always the case for “slip-on” shoes) while eliminating the effort involved with laces. These are great for anyone who might have issues with arthritis or back problems that linit their ability to tie conventional lace-up sneakers.

  4. Canada Craig

    I have been looking for some time for a decent pair of slip-on (no laces) runner/hikers in my size (14xwide). Something that looks good, fits well, and doesn’t break the bank. I am a large man, and I have some mobility issues, particularly with bending all the way over to tie the laces on a regular pair of shoes. As a result, I wanted something that I could easily slip on for short uses outside without having to go through that discomfort again and again. These Sketchers fit the bill (almost) perfectly. These are VERY nice and GREAT quality shoes! They are easy to slip on, yet fit snugly enough so as not to feel loose or floppy. They are exactly what I have been searching for, with one small issue only. I realise that obviously everyone’s foot/fit is different, and my one complaint is that although these are indeed extra wide, they do not carry that width far enough down the bed of the shoe to be perfect for me. The toe bed narrows towards the tip more than I feel it should, and this is the only reason I cannot give 5 stars. I find that my toes are still a little stuffed together more than they should be for an Xwide. These are my 3rd differnt style of Sketchers, and I have found this same problem with all 3, to varying degrees. However, in this case, it is not enough of a discomfort that I am unwilling to continue wearing them, or even be willing to buy another pair. The icing on the cake is the price. For me to be able to find a pair of shoes I like the style of, in my size (and just about width) and type (slip-on) for $75 Canadian, is absolutely unheard of. I am pleasantly surprised and extremely happy, and as I said, we’re it not for the toe bed being a bit narrow for me, I would give this purchase a solid 10 out of 5 stars.?

  5. Steve66

    The overall fit and feel of these shoes have generally met my expectations. I will not try to say they are perfect, but they are close so far. I was interested in obtaining a slip-on type sneaker to eliminate tying laces. Having had Skechers before, size was consistent. Being older my needs are different so I am not sure if heavy running or sports use would work for everyone. Shoes have cushioning and are great for walking.

  6. Rev Dr. J. Dan Renfro D.D.

    UPDATE 6 months later
    Sole separated from shoe. Past return period. You might want to pass on these shoes

    I’ve been buying sketchers since there were sketchers and I’ve always been happy with the product. As I’m getting older and heavier it becomes harder to tie my shoes. So I wanted a pair tennis shoes that I did not have to tie but still fit better than the slip on. I was excited to find out that there was one and I purchased two sets of these. The first set of my regular shoe size I felt to be a little loose so I purchased the next size down and found to be way too small.

    So what I found was it takes a little getting used to wearing the the slip on where you were used to being able to really tighten down your gym shoes with shoestrings. What I found after about 48 hours of wearing them is that slightly looser fit is really super comfortable. What I perceived as a slipping up and down at first was just a looser fit and there is no slipping inside the shoe. I worn these with socks and without socks both very comfortable with the memory foam soul.

    So after a few days I like the fit, I love the look, and they feel great. As always the be an update in the next 30 to 60 days

  7. Islander

    I’ve always had a problem because I have a wide foot and a high instep. These sneakers feel great, they feel snug but not tight. There seems to be plenty of support on all sides including the arch. I also like the ease of slipping in and out of them.

  8. subharaj n.

    Little bit uncomforble while walking . Might be i needed to buy little bigger size .rest ok

  9. Time Keeper

    This was my first time buying shoes online. I had seen similar shoes in person before and thought I might like this.

    Fit. I intentionally bought a size too small because this is a slip on type shoe and I didn’t want to be slipping around in it. I’m glad I did.

    Style. In my opinion, it is a great looking shoe. I have already received a ton of conpliments on it from both men and women.

    Cost. I shopped around a bit. A lot of shoes I thought comparable to this were another $20-$30 more expensive. I bought this for $40 (rounding). Good deal in my opinion

    Comfort. These have memory foam in the soul. This provides a great deal of support. I like them.

    I have had the shoes for about a week now. I can’t honestly say that I’ve experienced any problems. I will update this review if I encounter any.

  10. R. A. Hall

    You’ll see there is virtually no visible wear on the top, and there’s almost no wear on the bottom on this shoe after moderate use. However, if you look inside the shoe’s heel in the photo, and this happened on both shoes, the fabric wore off to expose a plastic heel component, allowing it to protrude. Once that happens, they go into the trash unless you like sharp edges digging into the back of your foot. With this laceless shoes, there can be some slight heel slippage that results in deterioration of the shoe, causing its failure long before the rest of the shoe wears out.

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